Multi Parcel Multi-Parcel


Multi-Parcel / Combinatorial Auction Capabilities:

When comparing multi-parcel software consider:


What is multi-parcel?

Multi-parcel auctions, also called combinatorial auctions, are a special type of auction typically used to sell real estate (though it can be used for practically anything). There are two "typical" types of multi-parcel auctions:


  1. Multiple pieces of real estate, sometimes with shared borders, sometimes without. Examples: subdivision plots, condos, etc.

  2. A larger piece of land is split into smaller parcels. By splitting the land into smaller parcels the auctioneer is increasing the number of potential bidders.


Some bidders may only want to bid on a single parcel, some bidders may want to bid on groups of 2 or 3 parcels, and some bidders may want to bid on the whole thing. What makes multi-parcel auctions special is that anyone can group and bid on any combination of parcels, even if the groupings break up other groupings. The math behind this type of auction is extremely complex. Auction Flex, however, makes this process very easy to manage.


This multi-parcel feature is not modularized! It is included with the regular Auction Flex software. To view pricing please click here.


Grid Presenter

801 frm MPGridPresenterTo the right is an example of our grid presenter. As you can see this screen makes it very easy for your bidders and staff to stay informed. The yellow highlighted rows and corresponding check marks indicate that the bid is in the leading position. There is also a "back in" column that shows any other bidder what they need to bid on a particular combination to be back in a leading position. Every aspect of this screen is customizable to your taste. Choose your own colors, fonts, etc.


The grid presenter can be set to display the Leaderboard, High Combos with leaders first, High Combos in parcel order (pictured), High Combos Not on the Leaderboard, or the Complete Bid History. To understand just how flexible the Grid Presenter truly is, the following scenarios are possible:


  1.  In the pictured example we are showing High Combos in parcel order. Display this on a large projection screen and you're done.

  2. You could instead, show the High Combos with leaders first. This puts all the leaders at the top of the screen (in parcel order) and then follows those with everyone not on the leaderboard, in a second section ordered by parcel. The effect is that all the yellow highlighted rows are at the top.

  3. We could run two separate grid presenters - staggered on one projector or using two separate projectors. The first grid presenter could show just the leaderboard. The second grid presenter could show High Combos not on the leaderboard.


Map Presenter

mpmappresenterTo the right is an example of our map leader board. As you can see this feature starts with an aerial shot and then overlays the parcels with color coded shading to indicate who is currently the leader on a particular parcel or combination of parcels.


mpmappresenter12comboIf a bidder's high bid is a combo, then the entire relevant combo region will be shaded the same color and shading pattern. In the example to the right, bidder #28 is the leader on a combo bid for parcels 1&2, and as such, both parcel 1 and parcel 2 are shaded red. Also notice that bidder #98 is in the leading position for the combo bid of parcels 4 & 5.


Computers can support multiple monitors/projectors showing different screens. A popular setup for our customers is to use one projector for the grid presenter and a separate projector for the map presenter. In a smaller auction (like the one pictured here with only 5 parcels) it is possible to show both the grid presenter and the map presenter using a single projector.


Every aspect of the map leaderboard screen is customizable to your taste. Choose your own colors, fonts, shading patterns, etc.