Auction Flex in the Cloud

AuctionFlex Cloud 270x440A typical installation of Auction Flex runs on your local Windows based computers, offline on your local network. Auction Flex in the Cloud, by contrast, runs on our secure servers. With Auction Flex in the Cloud you can access Auction Flex from anywhere you have an internet connection and on nearly any device:



One advantage of Auction Flex in the cloud is simplicity. You don't have to worry about networking your computers together. As long as you can access the internet you can access Auction Flex in the Cloud.


Wireless Clerking

We have long-range wireless clerking options for regular Auction Flex. When you're running Auction Flex in the Cloud, however, any computer with internet access becomes a possible clerk. Possible wireless clerking devices include:



Multiple Locations

If you have multiple locations, but want to have a common Auction Flex between them, the Cloud is a simple solution. Everyone works with the same data (customer list, inventory, etc) no matter their location. This allows you to seamlessly leverage your historical data from all your locations to build targeted mailing lists for upcoming auctions.


Auction Day

By running Auction Flex in the Cloud on auction day you are relying on internet access throughout the auction. This is fine if you have reliable internet, but what happens if you don't have internet access at the auction location? You can simply make a backup of your Auction Flex data in the Cloud and restore it to your locally installed Auction Flex on your Windows computers. When you're done with the auction, backup your Auction Flex data and put it back in the cloud. Simple and easy!



There is an additional cost for the Auction Flex Cloud solution. First, you will need a license of Auction Flex (pricing here), then each Cloud user costs an additional $20 USD per month.



* Supported Devices Disclaimer

Not all devices are supported. Supported devices include Windows PCs, Macintosh PCs, iOS devices (iPad, iPhone), Android devices (tablets, phones). The Kindle Fire is not supported.


Notes on smart phones: In a pinch you can pull up Auction Flex in the Cloud on your smart phone and lookup some information, however, a smart phone should not be considered a useful device because Auction Flex is designed for a larger screen.